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Our Hypnotherapists are off to Birmingham for the “Royle Training Event”!

Rochdale Hypnotherapists to Train in latest techniquesOn Saturday 14th October 2017, our team of Hypnotherapists will be travelling to a secret venue in Birmingham to learn the latest, cutting edge techniques in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and treating clients. This is just one of the various training events we attend each year to ensure that we are completely up-to-date with the life changing methods used to treat clients from around Rochdale, Greater Manchester and, the North West.

Organised by Weight Loss Motivation Guru, Steve Miller, the host of popular TV show Fat Families and respected published author in his field, and hosted by Dr Jonathan Royle, one of the World’s foremost training experts in Hypnosis, this exclusive event, which sold out in record time, promises to be groundbreaking and eye opening! Along with nearly 100 other hypnotists from around the world, we will explore the best ways to ensure that your phobias are destroyed, and you can stop smoking without stress, pain or anxiety.

After the full day’s training within the conference centre, we will then have a unique opportunity to discuss everything taught and ask any questions we might have. either about the techniques demonstrated, or anything else relating to hypnosis, hypnotherapy and holistic care of clients.

At Rochdale Hypnotherapy, we are always on the look out for the latest and greatest methods for our clients and attend several hypnosis training events every year, so that you can be sure that no matter what your issue, we have the right tools at hand to help you. Within the hypnotherapy industry this is often referred to a “CPD” (Continued Personal Development), however this is very self-orientated from a hypnotherapist’s point of view. We prefer to think of it as “CTA” (Client Treatment Advancement), which tells the trues story of why we spend so much time, money and effort on hypnotherapy training every year.

This has to be the most exciting training event of the year so far, and we are excited to bring these new techniques back to Rochdale so that we can share our latest skills with you!

If you would like to benefit from the latest ways to Stop Smoking, Overcome a Phobia or Beat Stress and Anxiety, please get in touch with us!

(Please note, this event is sold out and is unlikely to be repeated. However, if you would like to train with Dr Jonathan Royle, please visit for dates of his next training seminars)